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Yard Signs

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Format/Style Price (sq ft)
4mm Coroplast $3.98
4mm Coroplast : 2 Sided $4.56

Printing Overview
Yard Signs are printed in full color on rigid 4mm corrugated plastic and are available in sizes ranging from 12" x 12" to 48" x 46". With printing on either one or both sides, Yard Signs can be oriented in landscape or portrait.

Utilize the vertical flutes (almost always a landscape orientation) to allow H-Wire and Beefy Stakes to be inserted into the bottom of the sign. Yard Signs can also be ordered with grommets for hanging either indoors or outdoors.

Finishing:  Galvanized Steel H-Wire: +$1.88,   Black Titanium Beefy Stakes: +$1.36ea,   Grommets - Top Corners: +$0.40,   Grommets - All Corners: +$0.80

Yard Signs are effective marketing tools because they can be used indoors and outdoors, and are durable enough to be left in place for longer periods of time. Commonly used for real estate and political campaigns, Yard Signs are effective for increasing awareness of a brand, company, or person in any setting.

  Because they are made from sturdy corrugated plastic, Yard Signs are ideal for outdoor applications. They resist the elements and don't flop around like thinner materials.

In addition to outdoor, Yard Signs are also often used for indoor yard-signsapplications. They are strong and light, and available with grommets in either 2 or 4 corners for easy hanging.


Consider adding a QR code to your design to link directly to additional online information. When used for real estate, this could be a link to a virtual walkthrough. When used for politics, this could be a link to a candidate's positions on an issue or to a donation site. Since a QR code can link to an online message, you can change the online message without the need to reprint your sign.